Me and him and nobody else
// Åsikter/tankar

I can never sleep as fast as I do when I am with you. It's just because I feel so damn comfortable with you and the only thing I can think about is you and me. I can never wake up so quit and leave my bed like I do when I wake up with your body until mine. Just because in the morning when you are next to me I have something to go up for. To kiss you, hug you, laugh with you, be with you. Spend a hole day with you. It just can't be better than wake up with you next to me. I love you, the worlds best boyfriend. If we fighting I'm still calm. What do I have to worry about?that you and me would never see each other again?or never speak?that I never would hear your voice again?It would just never happend, because I would never let it happened. And I know you wouldn't either. We are ment to be together, so simpel. Our love is bigger than the hole world. Nobody can take my heart from you. I gived it to you and nobody else, I want it to stay there forever. I'm just begging you for one thing.
Promise me that you never will leave me. ♥


Gud vad vacker du var!



It's sweet. Although your English isn't very good.



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